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Om Gam Ganapathye Namaha

Om Gam Ganapathye Namaha In the form of KanniMoola Gana...


Sri Sakthi Easwari

Sri Sakthi Easwari Shri Arulmigu Sri Sakthi Eesswari Te...


Om Subramanyaya Namaha

Om Subramanyaya Namaha   Seated in our temple, on...



 When  Day  Time   Na...


Sri Maathre  Namaha

Nama Sivaayai Kalyaanyai Santhyai Pushtyai

Namo Namaha

Bhagavathyai Namo Theavyai Sri Sakthi Eeswaryai

Shathattham  Namaha


 As such we seek the blessings of the great Sakthi Eeswari.

Shri Arulmigu Sri Sakthi Eesswari Temple is situated in Sungai Way, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. This temple, in the east of Malaysia, has a Raja Kopuram which holds seven other gopurams, which are made containing the five elements as well as a golden Kodi maram. Residing in this temple, facing the west in a Moolasthanam that has been build abiding all spiritual rituals, adorned with a golden Stoobi , sits Sri Sakthi Eeswari . The description of her beauty is undefined. Owning a body as red as the kumkum, Read More...


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Thevaram Class:

Thursday         08.30 PM


Bharatha Nadiem:

Monday           07.30 PM

Wednesday      07.30 PM

Saturday          10.00 AM


Yoga Class:

Thursday         08.00 PM


Sunday Class:

Sunday            09.00 AM

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